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Hi, I'm Brooklyn Dicent. I help promote, pitch, and profit from their talent

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Brooklyn Dicent is a highly experienced speaker, trainer, and coach who's helped hundreds of people profit from their talent. Brooklyn Dicent manages a speaking and training practice that helps clients become courageous to do what they were meant to do and market their skills successfully.    She has managed training and global training initiatives to help improve the employee talent and performance.  Expert entertainer she is able to make a positive impact on people's lives through stage performances. She brings a contagious motivational energy and coupled with entrepreneurial expertise that will get you unexpected results. Together we will uncover your unique skills to get you fired up and ready to rock on stage each and ever time you perform. Learn to market your talent and "Own Your Stage".     Brooklyn works best with people who know who are clear about their talent but need help putting their ideas of their ideal job into action.  Learn how to SELL Your Talent is critical in order to give wings to your passion. I draw on my background as entertainer and comedian to teach the power principles of engaging an audience of any size. Creating instant captivation, fascination, and even attraction is possible when you know how to infuse your personality in every performance or sales presentation.

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Speaking, coaching, training.

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